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Phalanx Flank

by Garrison Fortress

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Myartinpar 03:26
I am the silverback I command treatment with respect with respect to innocence, I am not Back the fuck up or you'll get shot I am An active shooter he's going to war never seen the likes of this carnage ever fucking before he's going to kill someone he's going to kill himself oh no no no no no he is delirious can't think of one thing serious ha ha ha writing on the walls, manifesto making fear real magic: presto! D.D.R. at the mall arcade alone suicide by cop is such a lurid way to go the bullet's path excruciates, agony in tow "I can't keep anything down, oh" The NRA won't pay it's body bags or cash steel-meal leftovers only end up in the trash It's not real to them it's just a way to live everything it wants, everything it steals, everything it breathes I am the silverback I command treatment with respect with respect to innocence, I am not Back the fuck up or you'll get shot. I am an active shooter I am going to war. Never seen the likes of this carnage ever fucking before. I am a little boy. "He is a little boy" I don't know which is a toy if it's a gun or if it's a life. I don't know.
The air is dry The car is out of gas I have dust in my wrinkles and Cacti I see faces morphing in the clouds and lots and lots of color. Where are we going to now that we have everything? Where are we going too? Static's been blaring on the radio and we've been talking to ourselves. I live in sin. That's what they used to say. I don't care. It's school tradition. Never recognized that's hazing. Where are we going to now that we have everything? Where are we going too? I got fast car. Do you want to go with me? I rock the desert esthetic. Wide angle lens. What's your experience? Dead esthetic.
Earthquake 03:00
I saw a bullet train running down the tracks made of magma, lava, whatever you want to call it. It was bound to crash anyway. it toppled over into a banging burst of flames and firemen came, but they couldn't piss it out I saw grown men reduced to infantile minuscule, shaking, pathetic dead leaves crying in the wind they were crying in the wind there were many disputes over illegitimate cash with blackmail turning into black eyes and a raw meat stash. Cover your eyes I promise you there's no surprise but a few lies it's space masquerading as time. it thrives it's your new reality. if you deal in shit, you better realize your hands are gonna get dirty.
Agree, neutral, disagree I am interstitially resigned to bad entanglements I place it on the burn pile and watch it My priorities not forgiven. I'd rather watch it burn than be satisfied with getting rid of it. These days we're all sick Now won't you shake my hand now? Ring out loud your only existentially burning question.
First Night 04:11
Fear makes it's way in through the front door. You won't see it coming and you won't ask for more. I was an orphan wearing a crown wrestled to the ground and made to eat the sound rattling off the inside of my mind I wrote myself letters for the future but they're so hard to find. I don't care what the continuum says I'm gonna make my way through and find the answer. Trying to navigate my way through this labyrinthine life. I've got no map and there's sparsely places light. I took the untaken path it's unobstructed by the axioms of math you are beautiful. The truth reveals itself to me in dreams. My reality is not quite what it seems. Indefinitely making left turns in a circular path. If the universe is shaped life a torus, I don't wanna face it's wrath. I have already died numerous deaths for this life.


This album is the second offering from Garrison Fortress everywhere.


released September 3, 2021

Garrison Fortress everywhere except Chris Longwood mastered.


all rights reserved



Garrison Fortress Fall River, Massachusetts

Garrison Fortress side project. Side fortress Garrison project. Fortress garrison project side.

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